News and Events

07-26-2021: Congratulations to Aziza Almanakly, awarded the Clare Boothe Luce Graduate Fellowship for Women.

07-21-2021: Check out the latest in MIT News and Nature from MIT Prof. Pablo Jarillo-Herrero and the Jarillo-Herrero Lab: Pauli-limit violation and re-entrant superconductivity in moiré graphene, by Yuan Cao, Jeong Min Park, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi & Pablo Jarillo-Herrero.

07-16-2021: Congratulations to Pai Peng, awarded the prestigious MathWorks PhD Fellowship! He is a member of MIT Prof. Paola Cappellaro’s Quantum Engineering Group.

07-13-2021 | MIT Prof. Dirk Englund and MIT Quantum Photonics Group introduces an algorithm for universal transformations on the modes of a dielectric slab via out-of-plane phase modulation, plus a high-fidelity error correction scheme. Combined, these result in a low-loss, compact alternative to traditional MZI meshes. 

6-24-2021 | Prof. Riccardo Comin receives 2021 US Department of Energy early career award.

6-22-2021 | June 22nd 1:00-3:00 PM EDT: ILP and CQE Webinar: Quantum Computing Opportunities and Challenges.

6-182021 | Physicists bring human-scale object to near standstill, reaching a quantum state.

6-162021 | MIT researchers demonstrate a way to sharply reduce errors in two-qubit gates, a significant advance toward fully realizing quantum computation.

6-8-2021 | QS ranks MIT the world’s No. 1 university for 2021-22.

06-04-2021 | Check out the latest in Nano Lett. from MIT Prof. Paola Cappellaro and the Quantum Engineering Group: “Nanoscale Vector AC Magnetometry with a Single Nitrogen-Vacancy Center in Diamond” by Guoqing Wang, Yi-Xiang Liu, Yuan Zhu, and Paola Cappellaro.

5-192021 | MIT turns “magic” material into versatile electronic devices.

5-6-2021 |Celebrating the 40-year anniversary of the Physics of Computation Conference. Experience QC40 with Prof. Peter Shor’s keynote (49:35), and live panel with Prof. Isaac Chaung and Prof. Will Oliver (2:15:30).

4-29-2021 | MIT researchers develop compact on-chip device for detecting electric-field waveforms with attosecond time resolution.

4-14-2021 | Will Oliver awarded 2021 Faculty Research Innovation Fellowship (FRIF)

4-13-2021 | Aziza Almanakly awarded 2021 Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship

4-1-2021 | Owen Medeiros awarded NDSEG fellowship

4-1-2021 | Emma Batson and Owen Medeiros awarded NSF fellowship

2-11-2021 | Nanowire could provide a stable, easy-to-make superconducting transistor. Inspired by decades-old MIT research, the new technology could boost quantum computers and other superconducting electronics.

2-1-2021 | Physicists create tunable superconductivity in twisted graphene “nanosandwich.” Structure may reveal conditions needed for high-temperature superconductivity.

1-31 -2021 | CQE Sponsors iQuHACK (interdisciplinary Quantum HACKathon)

1-19-2021 | Electrical engineer William Oliver develops technology to enable reliable quantum computing at scale

01-04-2021 | Nature Physics with MIT Prof. Paola Cappellaro and the Quantum Engineering Group: “Floquet prethermalization in dipolar spin chains” by Pai Peng, Chao Yin, Xiaoyang Huang, Chandrasekhar Ramanathan & Paola Cappellaro.

12-14-2020 | “Universal Nonadiabatic Control of Small-Gap Superconducting Qubits,” published in APS Physical Review

12-10-2020 | Quantum Engineering Explained: MIT News feature with Engineering Quantum Systems Group

10-30-2020 | The Center for Quantum Engineering (CQE) Kick-off Symposium

10-30-2020 | Doc Bedard Fellowship announced with Kyle Debry, Sujit Rao, and Jennifer Wang 2020-2023 fellows and Chris McNally 2019-2022 fellow

10-8-2020 | “Generating spatially entangled itinerant photons with waveguide quantum electrodynamics,” published in Science Advances

9-23-2020 | “Comparison of dielectric loss in titanium nitride and aluminum superconducting resonators” published in Applied Physics Letters

9-3-2020 | “Two-qubit spectroscopy of spatiotemporally correlated quantum noise in superconducting qubits” published in the inaugural issue of PRX Quantum

08-28-2020 | Professor Will Oliver selected to serve on the National Quantum Advisory Committee

08-26-2020 | MIT partners with national labs on two new quantum research centers

08-10-2020 | “Qubit by Qubit” introduces high school students to quantum computing through a week-long summer camp and a year-long course

08-03-2020 | Study finds quantum entanglement could, in principle, give a slight advantage in the game of blackjack

07-29-2020 | “Giant atoms” enable quantum processing and communication in one

07-23-2020 | MIT researchers develop integrated lightwave electronic circuits to detect the phase of ultrafast optical fields

07-08-2020 | MIT engineers develop a hybrid process that connects photonics with “artificial atoms,” to produce the largest quantum chip of its type

06-16-2020 | Remote learning: 6.070, Electronics Project Lab

05-15-2020 | Professor Paola Cappellaro, among leaders, honored as “Committed to Caring.”

05-08-2020 | Peter Shor, 2020 recipient of BBVA Frontiers of Knowledge Award

04-08-2020 | New “refrigerator” super-cools molecules to nanokelvin temperatures

03-02-2020 | Keysight partners with Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Center for Quantum Engineering to endow the establishment of a new 64-qubit quantum computing lab

02-18-2020 | A new study suggests a path to more efficient error correction, which may help make quantum computers and sensors more practical

02-11-2020 | Quantum Computing @ MIT: The Past, Present, and Future of the Second Revolution in Computing

01-13-2020 | Variational quantum unsampling on a quantum photonic processor

12-12-2019 | Newly synthesized compound of iron and tin atoms in 1-to-1 ratio, “ideal” kagome metal electronic structure

11-28-2019 | Circuit design offers a path to “spintronic” devices that use little electricity and generate practically no heat

11-23-2019 | Megan Yamoah, Billy Woltz, and Francisca Vasconcelos of the Engineering Quantum Systems Group awarded Rhodes Scholarships

05-29-2019 | Senthil Todadri and Xiao-Gang Wen to study highly entangled quantum matter in the Simons Collaboration on Ultra-Quantum Matter

04-26-2019 | Peter Shor wins 2018 Micius Quantum Prize

04-03-2019 | New facilities will keep Lincoln Laboratory at the forefront of advanced prototyping

03-15-2019 | Quantum sensing method measures minuscule magnetic fields

02-11-2019 | Professor Dirk Englund awarded 2019 Bose Research Fellow Grant for work on “novel electronic fluids for high-speed logic in quantum materials”

01-31-2019 | Technique could boost resolution of tissue imaging as much as tenfold

12-04-2018 | National Academies releases its report, “Quantum Computing: Progress and Prospects”

11-08-2018 | Improving materials from the nanoscale up

10-15-2018 | MIT will reshape itself to shape the future, investing $1 billion to address the rapid evolution of computing and AI

10-12-2018 | Center for Theoretical Physics professors earn DOE Quantum Information Science Awards

10-12-2018 | MIT-Germany and the University of Stuttgart extend cooperation

10-04-2018 | Symposium and open house make MIT.nano’s Grand Opening Celebration a memorable day 

09-25-2018 | PhD student David Layden in the Quantum Engineering Group advances ultra-sensitive quantum sensors

09-05-2018 | Scientists find a theoretical optical device may have uses in quantum computing