News and Events

05-16-2024 |Physicists create five-lane superhighway for electrons

05-07-2024 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member Anand Natarajan and co-authors “Succinct arguments for QMA from standard assumptions via compiled nonlocal games

05-06-2024 |Physicists arrange atoms in extremely close proximity

05-06-2024 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE Director Will Oliver, MIT-CQE members Kyle Serniak, Mollie E. Schwartz, Jonilyn L. Yoder, Jeffrey A. Grover and co-author “Implementing a synthetic magnetic vector potential in a 2D superconducting qubit array

05-02-2024 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member Anand Natarajan and co-authors “Classical Commitments to Quantum States

04-30-2024 |Paper in Optics Letters from MIT-CQE members, John Chiaverini, Jelena Notaros and co-authors “Integrated visible-light polarization rotators and splitters for atomic quantum systems

04-29-2024 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member, Seth Lloyd and co-authors “Quantum optical classifier with superexponential speedup

04-29-2024 |Paper in Nature Electronics from MIT-CQE Director Will Oliver and co-author “Measuring qubits with thermometers

04-29-2024 |MIT scientists tune the entanglement structure in an array of qubits

04-26-2024 |Paper in Optica Quantum from MIT-CQE members P. Benjamin Dixon, Dirk Englund, and co-authors “A scalable cavity-based spin–photon interface in a photonic integrated circuit

04-26-2024 |Paper in Nature from MIT-CQE Director Will Oliver, MIT-CQE members Kyle Serniak, Mollie E. Schwartz, Jonilyn L. Yoder, Simon Gustavsson, Jeffrey A. Grover and co-authors “Probing entanglement in a 2D hard-core Bose–Hubbard lattice

04-22-2024 |The many-body dynamics of cold atoms and cross-country running

04-22-2024 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member Dirk Englund, and co-authors “A spin-refrigerated cavity quantum electrodynamic sensor

04-17-2024 |A blueprint for making quantum computers easier to program

04-12-2024 |Paper in ChemRxiv from MIT-CQE member, Dirk Englund and co-authors “Linear and nonlinear optical response based on the GW -Bethe-Salpeter and Kadanoff-Baym approaches for two-dimensional layered semiconductor materials

04-12-2024 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member Paola Cappellaro and co-authors “Energy exchange statistics and fluctuation theorem for non-thermal asymptotic states

04-10-2024 |Paper in Quantum Science and Technology from MIT-CQE member, Paola Cappellaro and co-authors “Digital noise spectroscopy with a quantum sensor

04-08-2024 |Paper in Chem from MIT-CQE member, Adam P. Willard and co-authors “Sculpting photoproducts with DNA origami

04-04-2024 |MIT researchers discover “neutronic molecules”

04-01-2024 |A first-ever complete map for elastic strain engineering

04-01-2024 |Paper in PRX Quantum from MIT-CQE member Dirk Englund, and co-authors “Remote-Entanglement Protocols for Stationary Qubits with Photonic Interfaces

03-28-2024 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member,Anand Natarajan and co-authors A Computational Tsirelson’s Theorem for the Value of Compiled XOR Games

03-28-2024 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member,Anand Natarajan and co-author “The status of the quantum PCP conjecture (games version)

03-28-2024 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member,Vladan Vuletic and co-authors “Fractal ground state of ion chains in periodic potentials

03-25-2024 |Paper in Optics Express from MIT-CQE member Dirk Englund, and co-authors “Alignment-free coupling to arrays of diamond microdisk cavities with fabrication tolerant spin-photon interfaces

03-25-2024 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member, Soonwon Choi and co-authors Universal fluctuations and noise learning from Hilbert-space ergodicity

03-25-2024 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member, Soonwon Choi and co-authors “A Maximum Entropy Principle in Deep Thermalization and in Hilbert-Space Ergodicity

03-25-2024 |Paper in Nature Nanotechnology from MIT-CQE member Dirk Englund, and co-authors “Engineering colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals for quantum information processing

03-11-2024 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE Director Will Oliver, MIT-CQE members Jonilyn L. Yoder, Kyle Serniak, and co-authors “Abatement of Ionizing Radiation for Superconducting Quantum Devices

03-11-2024 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member Aram W. Harrow and co-authors “Optimal quantum circuit cuts with application to clustered Hamiltonian simulation

02-27-2024 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member Dirk Englund, and co-authors “LNoS: Lithium Niobate on Silicon Spatial Light Modulator

02-23-2024 |Electrons become fractions of themselves in graphene, study finds

02-15-2024 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member Soonwon Choi, and co-authors “Hilbert-Space Ergodicity in Driven Quantum Systems: Obstructions and Designs

02-12-2024 |Paper in PRX Quantum from MIT-CQE member, Paola Cappellaro and co-authors “Control of an Environmental Spin Defect beyond the Coherence Limit of a Central Spin

02-08-2024 |MIT physicists capture the first sounds of heat “sloshing” in a superfluid

02-08-2024 | Technique could improve the sensitivity of quantum sensing devices

02-08-2024 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE Director Will Oliver, MIT-CQE members Jonilyn L. Yoder, Mollie E. Schwartz, Jeffrey A. Grover, Kyle Serniak,, Joseph A. Formaggio and co-authors “Synchronous Detection of Cosmic Rays and Correlated Errors in Superconducting Qubit Arrays

02-05-2024 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE Director Will Oliver, MIT-CQE member Song Han, and co-authors “Qplacer: Frequency-Aware Component Placement for Superconducting Quantum Computers

02-05-2024 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member Dirk Englund and co-authors Hypermultiplexed Integrated Tensor Optical Processor

01-30-2024 |Paper in Research Square from MIT-CQE member Dirk Englund and co-authors Metal-Optic Nanophotonic Modulators in Standard CMOS Technology

01-29-2024 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE members Isaac L. Chuang and John Chiaverini and co-authors Integrated photonic structures for photon-mediated entanglement of trapped ions

01-25-2024 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member Dirk Englund and co-authors Microwave single-photon detection using a hybrid spin-optomechanical quantum interface

01-25-2024 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member Vladan Vuletic and co-authors Counter-factual carving exponentially improves entangled-state fidelity

01-16-2024 |Paper in Physical Review Applied from MIT CQE members Scott Hamilton, Benjamin Dixon, Dirk Englund and co-authors Development of a Boston-area 50-km fiber quantum network testbed 

01-12-2024 |Paper in Physical Review X Quantum from MIT CQE members Scott Hamilton, Benjamin Dixon, Dirk Englund and co-authors “Telecom Networking with a Diamond Quantum Memory 

01-09-2024 |Paper in Physical Review Applied from MIT-CQE member Dirk Englund and co-authors Performance limits due to thermal transport in graphene single-photon bolometers

01-08-2024 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member Paola Cappellaro and co-authors Hyperfine-enhanced gyroscope based on solid-state spins

01-08-2024 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member Paola Cappellaro and co-authors “Emulated nuclear spin gyroscope with 15NV centers in diamond

01-02-2024 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member Dirk Englund and co-authors “Photonic crystal cavity IQ modulators in thin-film lithium niobate for coherent communications

12-18-2023 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member Vladan Vuletic and co-authors Bose-Einstein condensation by polarization gradient laser cooling

12-15-2023 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member Dirk Englund and co-authors “Closed-Loop Electron-Beam-Induced Spectroscopy and Nanofabrication Around Individual Quantum Emitters

12-15-2023 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member Dirk Englund and co-authors “Alignment-Free Coupling to Arrays of Diamond Microdisk Cavities for Scalable Spin-Photon Interfaces

12-07-2023 |Paper in Physical Review Applied from MIT-CQE Director Will Oliver and co-authors “Longitudinal coupling between a Si/Si1−x Gex double quantum dot and an off-chip Ti N resonator

12-05-2023 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member Dirk Englund and co-authors “Nanoscale confinement and control of excitonic complexes in a monolayer WSe2

12-04-2023 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member Paola Cappellaro and co-authors “Frame Change Technique for Phase Transient Cancellation

12-01-2023 |With a quantum “squeeze,” clocks could keep even more precise time, MIT researchers propose

12-01-2023 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member Vladan Vuletić and co-authors “Commensurate-incommensurate transition in frustrated Wigner crystals

11-27-2023 |MIT-CQE member Richard Fletcher named a 2023 Packard Fellow

11-27-2023 |Paper in Nature Communications  from MIT-CQE member Dirk Englund and co-authors”Direct imaging of electron density with a scanning transmission electron microscope

11-09-2023 |Physicists trap electrons in a 3D crystal for the first time

11-06-2023 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member Dirk Englund and co-authors “Tutorial: Remote entanglement protocols for stationary qubits with photonic interfaces

11-06-2023 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE members Vladan Vuletić, Paola Cappellaro and co-authors “Individual-atom control in array through phase modulation

10-26-2023 |Paper in Physical Review Letters from MIT-CQE members Kyle DeBry, Colin D. Bruzewicz, Robert McConnell, Isaac L. Chuang, and John Chiaverini and co-authors “Experimental quantum channel discrimination using metastable states of a trapped ion

10-24-2023 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE members Ju Li, Paola Cappellaro and co-authors “Blind Quantum Machine Learning with Quantum Bipartite Correlator

10-24-2023 |LIGO surpasses the quantum limit

10-18-2023 |From a five-layer graphene sandwich, a rare electronic state emerges

10-12-2023 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member Dirk Englund and co-authorTowards Distributed Quantum Computing by Qubit and Gate Graph Partitioning Techniques

10-12-2023 |Physicists coax superconductivity and more from quasicrystals

10-11-2023 |Paper in Nature from MIT CQE members, Liang Fu, Raymond Ashoori, Pablo Jarillo-Herrero and co-authors “Superconductivity and strong interactions in a tunable moiré quasicrystal

10-11-2023 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member Dirk Englund and co-author “Coherence of Group-IV Color Centers

09-27-2023 |Quantum repeaters use defects in diamond to interconnect quantum systems

09-26-2023 |New qubit circuit enables quantum operations with higher accuracy

09-22-2023 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member Adam P. Willard and co-author “A theory of phonon induced friction on molecular adsorbates

09-20-2023 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE members Paola Cappellaro and Ju Li and co-authors “Exponentially Enhanced non-Hermitian Cooling

09-18-2023 |Paper in Physical Review Letters from MIT-CQE member Soonwon Choi and co-authors “Benchmarking Quantum Simulators Using Ergodic Quantum Dynamics

09-11-2023| MIT researchers develop a protocol to extend the life of quantum coherence

09-11-2023 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member Aram W. Harrow “Approximate orthogonality of permutation operators, with application to quantum information

09-11-2023 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE members Richard J. Fletcher, Martin Zwierlein and co-authors “Geometric squeezing of rotating quantum gases into the lowest Landau level

09-08-2023 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member Vladan Vuletić and co-authors “Degradation of Ta2O5 / SiO2 Dielectric Cavity Mirrors in Ultra-High Vacuum

08-23-2023 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member Dirk Englund and co-authors “Heterogeneous integration of spin-photon interfaces with a scalable CMOS platform

08-23-2023 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE members Paola Cappellaro and Ju Li and co-authors “Efficient Quantum Transduction Using Anti-Ferromagnetic Topological Insulators

08-17-2023 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member Soonwon Choi and co-authors “Benchmarking highly entangled states on a 60-atom analog quantum simulator

08-17-2023 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member Dirk Englund and co-authors “Nanoelectromechanical control of spin-photon interfaces in a hybrid quantum system on chip

08-17-2023 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member Seth Lloyd and co-authors “Neural Networks for Programming Quantum Annealers

08-07-2023 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE Director Will Oliver, MIT-CQE member Kyle Serniak, Jonilyn Longenecker Yoder, Mollie E. Schwartz and co-authors “Characterization of superconducting through-silicon vias as capacitive elements in quantum circuits

08-03-2023 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member Dirk Englund, P. Benjamin Dixon and co-authors “Development of a Boston-area 50-km fiber quantum network testbed

08-02-2023 |MIT-CQE members Paola Cappellaro, Ju Li and other researchers have found a way to tune the spin density in diamond

08-02-2023 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE Director Will Oliver, MIT-CQE member Jeffrey Grover, Kyle Serniak, Jonilyn Longenecker Yoder and co-authors “Decoherence of a tunable capacitively shunted flux qubit

08-02-2023 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member Aram Harrow and co-authors “Exponential speedups for quantum walks in random hierarchical graphs

07-20-2023 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member, P. Benjamin Dixon, Dirk Englund and co-authors “Telecom networking with a diamond quantum memory”

07-17-2023 |Paper in IEEE from MIT CQE members John Chiaverini, Isaac L. Chuang, Dirk Englund and co-authors “CMOS integrated circuits for the quantum information sciences

07-14-2023 |Paper in Science from MIT CQE members Vladan Vuletić,  Soonwon Choi and co-authors “Improving metrology with quantum scrambling”

07-12-2023 |MIT physicists including MIT CQE member Martin Zwierlein have captured snapshots of particles pairing up in a cloud of atoms, which can provide clues to how electrons pair up in a superconducting material.

07-10-2023 |Paper in Faraday Discussions from MIT-CQE member Adam Willard and MIT co-authors on ”Water molecules mute the dependence of the double-layer potential profile on ionic strength”

07-10-2023 |Paper in arXiv from MIT-CQE member, Dirk Englund and co-authors “Quantum theory of single-photon nonlinearities generated by ensembles of emitters”

07-06-2023 | Researchers grow precise arrays of nanoLEDs in research supported by MIT CQE

07-05-2023 | Superconducting qubit foundry accelerates progress in quantum research

05-04-2023 |MIT’s Center for Quantum Engineering, Zapata and BMW Publish Research On Optimizing Vehicle Production Planning Using Quantum-Inspired Generative AI Techniques

05-01-2023 |In a symposium ahead of the inauguration of MIT’s 18th president, Sally Kornbluth, MIT-CQE member Pablo Jarillo-Herrero introduced the quantum matter and the study of multiple interacting particles at the quantum scale. 

04-10-2023 | MIT and MIT Lincoln Laboratory have participated in QSA, one of the Department of Energy’s five national quantum information science research centers with a focus on all three major technologies for quantum computing: superconducting circuits, trapped-ion systems, and neutral atoms.

03-30-2023 | MIT-CQE member Farnaz Niroui and the other two faculties are teaching students the fundamentals of quantum mechanics and nanoscale science in a hands-on class at MIT.nano.

03-17-2023 | MIT-CQE member Liang Fu and his team predict exotic new phenomena and give “recipe” for realizing them. It could be potential platforms for building topological quantum computers.

03-10-2023 |Congratulations to MIT-CQE member, Peter Shor, who recently accepted the James R. Killian, Jr. Faculty Achievement Award!

03-03-2023 |QuARC 2023 explores the leading edge in quantum information and science.

02-09-2023 | MIT-CQE Director Will Oliver and CQE members have developed a new superconducting parametric amplifier that can achieve quantum squeezing over much broader bandwidths than other designs, which could lead to faster and more accurate quantum measurements.

02-01-2023 | MIT-CQE member and Associate Director of RLE Wolfgang Ketterle in collaboration with researchers to observe rare resonance in molecules for the first time which could provide a new way to control chemical reactions.

01-29-2023 | MIT’s annual quantum hackathon, iQuHACK 2023, (interdisciplinary Quantum HACKathon) ,put together by iQuise, had participants develop and test their code on real quantum hardware. 

01-24-2023 | QuARC 2023 (QSEC Annual Research Conference) held at the Omni Mount Washington Resort in NH, was held on January 23-24. 

01-05-2023 | MIT-CQE director Prof. Will Oliver and MIT researchers have demonstrated directional photon emission, the first step toward extensible quantum interconnects.

12-20-2022 |MIT-CQE director Prof. William Oliver was appointed to the National Quantum Initiative Advisory Committee (NQIAC) On December 9, 2022. 

10-26-2022 | MIT-CQE member, Prof. Farnaz Niroui and the Niroui Group develop a technique for precisely arranging nanoscale particles on a surface, such as a silicon chip, that doesn’t damage the material.

10-26-2022 | MIT-CQE Member Mingda Li in collaboration with researchers can uncover compounds that might enable next-generation computer chips or quantum devices, using machine learning and simple X-ray spectra.

10-24-2022 | Congratulations MIT School of Engineering’s newly tenured faculty, especially to MIT-CQE members: Prof. Michael Carbin and Prof. Luqiao Liu!

10-20-2022 | MIT-CQE members Prof. Dirk Englund, P. Ben Dixon and Scott Hamilton from MIT Lincoln Laboratory, and researchers  developed a new method uses optics to accelerate machine-learning computations on smart speakers and other low-power connected devices.

10-19-2022 | Congratulations to MIT-CQE member, Prof. Nuh Gedik, one of six members of the MIT community elected fellows of the American Physical Society for 2022!

10-13-2022 | MIT News features PhD student, Alex Greene, a member of the Engineering Quantum Systems (EQuS) Group. 

10-12-2022 | Congratulations to MIT-CQE member, Danna Freedman, the F. G. Keyes Professor of Chemistry, named recipient of a 2022 MacArthur Fellowship! 

10-05-2022 | Registration is now open! Join MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) and MIT Center for Quantum Engineering for Convergence: The Promise and Reality of AI & Quantum, a one-day program held on November 14th, 2022.

10-04-2022 | The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has awarded the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics to Alain Aspect, John F. Clauser and Anton Zeilinger.

09-30-2022 | Congratulations to Edwin Eduardo Pedrozo Peñafiel Research Scientist at MIT’s Experimental Atomic Physics Group and MIT-Harvard Center for Ultracold Atoms, named the winner of the 2022 Alejandro Angel Escobar National Award in Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences! 

09-22-2022 | Congratulations to MIT-CQE member, Peter Shor, the Morss Professor of Applied Mathematics at MIT, named a recipient of the 2023 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics! 

09-12-2022 | Listen to the latest MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) Alliances podcast: “Understanding Quantum Computing with Professor Peter Shor and MIT-CQE Director, Professor Will Oliver.” Two Quantum Computing pioneers join for a conversation on the current state and future possibilities of quantum computing.

09-12-2022 | Watch MIT Quantum Engineering Group and MIT Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering graduate student, Guoqing Wang’s talk: “When quantum meets diamond: highly-sensitive sensors and more powerful simulators.” 

09-07-2022 | The Google Quantum AI Summer Symposium 2022 sessions are now available, watch MIT-CQE member, Prof. Aram Harrow’s talk: “Quantum walks on hierarchical graphs.”

08-27-2022 | The Keynote: “Giant Artificial Atoms and Waveguide QED” by MIT-CQE Director, Prof. Will Oliver at the Superconducting Qubits and Algorithms Conference held in Helsinki from Aug. 25 – Aug. 28th, 2022 is now available on youtube: Start at 14:06.

08-26-2022 | The Nobelsymposium NS166: ‘Emerging Quantum Technologies’ is underway in Malmö, Sweden. Speaking at this year’s event is MIT-CQE member, MIT Prof. Paola Cappellaro, an expert in NMR, ESR, coherent control and quantum information science. 

08-09-2022 | The CHIPS and Science Act was signed into law today: “The CHIPS and Science Act will establish a technology, innovation, and partnerships directorate at the National Science Foundation (NSF) to focus on fields like semiconductors and advanced computing, advanced communications technology, advanced energy technologies, quantum information technologies, and biotechnology.”

07-31-2022 | Check out the faculty feature in MIT News of MIT-CQE member and MIT’s F.G. Keyes Professor of Chemistry, Danna Freedman: “The chemistry professor embraces the most challenging moments of her work to design molecules for quantum information science.”

07-28-2022 | MIT-CQE members, Prof. Ju Li and Prof. Bilge Yildiz developed a new hardware which offers faster computation for artificial intelligence, with much less energy.

07-26-2022 | Happy 71st Birthday to to MIT Lincoln Laboratory! 

07-22-2022 |  MIT Prof. Keith Nelson and MIT scientists capture first-ever view of a hidden quantum phase in a 2D crystal.

07-22-2022 | Learn more about Atlantic Quantum, a startup founded by members of the MIT Engineering Quantum Systems (EQuS) group, led by MIT-CQE Director and Prof. Will Oliver and Principal Research Scientist Dr. Simon Gustavsson.

07-15-2022 | Watch MIT-CQE Director, MIT Prof. William D. Oliver’s talk at University of Pennsylvania on “Engineering Giant Artificial Atoms and Waveguide QED.”

07-14-2022 | MIT-CQE member, MIT Prof. Vladan Vuletić, and MIT’s Experimental Atomic Physics Group developed a new technique could improve the precision of atomic clocks and of quantum sensors for detecting dark matter or gravitational waves.

07-08-2022 | MIT-CQE member Prof. Pablo Jarillo-Herrero discovered a “family” of robust, superconducting graphene structures.

06-21-2022 | MIT-CQE member Prof. Paola Cappellaro expanded the capabilities of these ultrasensitive nanoscale detectors, with potential uses for quantum computing and biological sensing.

05-12-2022 | Congratulations to MIT-CQE member, MIT Prof. Pablo Jarillo-Herrero elected to the National Academy of Sciences for 2022 for his outstanding contributions to research!

05-11-2022 | “Renowned mathematician and quantum computing pioneer Peter W. Shor has been named the recipient of MIT’s 2022-2023 James R. Killian Jr. Faculty Achievement Award, the highest honor the Institute faculty can bestow upon one of its members each academic year.”

04-29-2022 | Congratulations to MIT-CQE member, MIT. Prof. Ju Li, selected to receive ‘The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (TMS) Fellow Award, Class of 2022.’ 

04-26-2022 | MIT-CQE member, MIT Prof. Vivishek Sudhir with MIT’s Quantum & Precision Measurements Group & LIGO Laboratory embark on a hunt for a long-sought quantum glow.

04-12-2022 | Check out the Laboratory of Physical Sciences ‘Qubit Collaboratory’ blog post by Yariv Yanay on joint LPS-MIT work measuring the speed of quantum information.

04-06-2022 | MIT has earned a No. 1 spot in 12 subject areas, according to the QS World University Rankings for 2022.

04-04-2022 | Congratulations to MIT-CQE member, MIT. Prof. Ju Li, selected to receive ‘The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (TMS) Fellow Award, Class of 2022.’ 

03-28-2022 | MIT-CQE Members, MIT Profs. Timothy Swager and Dirk Englund have been named as research collaborators in the most recent class of Department of Defense (DoD) Laboratory-University Collaboration (LUCI) Fellows. 

03-24-2022 | MIT-CQE member, MIT Prof. Mingda Li incorporates AI to facilitate the detection of an intriguing materials phenomenon that can lead to electronics without energy dissipation.

03-18-2022 | MIT CQE-iQuISE (Center for Quantum Engineering, Interdisciplinary Quantum Information Science and Technology student group) and Harvard (School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and Harvard Physics) have partnered to launch our first Quantum Science and Technology Workshop, a semester-long initiative geared towards high schoolers from all backgrounds. 

03-17-2022 | MIT-CQE member, MIT Prof. Long Ju finds direct evidence of strong electron correlation in a 2D material for the first time.

03-16-2022 | MIT iQuHACK 2022: Bringing together the next generation of quantum coders. The annual MIT quantum computing hackathon, MIT iQuHACK, was held virtually this year with 400 participants from 57 countries.

03-08-2022 | MIT-CQE member, MIT Prof. Wolfgang Ketterle and the MIT-Harvard Center for Ultracold Atoms steer chemical reactions by magnetic fields and quantum interference.

03-08-2022 |  MIT-CQE member, MIT Prof. Bilge Yildiz and MIT’s Laboratory of Electrochemical interfaces find a method for stabilizing the interfaces in solid-state lithium-ion batteries which opens new possibilities.

03-01-2022 | Congratulations to MIT Lincoln Laboratory 2021 Best Paper Award Recipient: “Cavity-enhanced microwave readout of a solid-state spin sensor”.

02-23-2022 | MIT-CQE Member, MIT Prof. Nuh Gedik and the Gedik group, along with MIT-CQE Member, MIT Prof. Riccardo Comin and collaborators in Italy, Japan and at Arizona State University observe an exotic “multiferroic” state in an atomically thin material.

02-16-2022 | Congratulations to MIT-CQE Member, MIT Prof. Long Ju, one of seven MIT recipients of the 2022 Sloan Research Fellowships by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. 

02-14-2022 | MIT-CQE Member, MIT Prof. Joe Formaggio with the KATRIN experiment determine that neutrinos are lighter than 0.8 eV/c2

02-09-2022 | MIT-CQE Strategic Partner, MIT.nano receives grant to acquire focused ion beam scanning electron microscope National Science Foundation award will allow the VELION FIB-SEM to become a permanent instrument in MIT.nano’s characterization facility.

02-07-2022 | QuARC2022 QSEC Annual Research Conference held virtually.  

02-07-2022 | Check out IEEE Spectrum’s article on: Atomically Thin Materials Significantly Shrink Qubits  MIT researchers use 2D materials for capacitors in quantum circuits in an effort to scale processors.

02-07-2022 | MIT-CQE member, MIT Prof. Nuh Gedik discovered a mysterious transition in an electronic crystal.

02-02-2022 | SciTechDaily features “how MIT Researchers used the 2D material hexagonal boron nitride to build much smaller capacitors for superconducting qubits, enabling them to shrink the footprint of a qubit by two orders of magnitude without sacrificing performance.”  

01-28-2022 | MIT iQuISE hosted ‘iQuHACK 2022’ , a quantum computing hackathon on January 28-30th, 2022. 

01-27-2022 | MIT-CQE Director, MIT Prof. Will Oliver uses ultrathin materials to reduce the size of superconducting qubits may pave the way for personal-sized quantum devices.

01-26-2022 | MIT-CQE Member, MIT Prof. Martin Zwierlein, the Ultracold Quantum Gases Group and MIT-Harvard Center for Ultracold Atoms find Vibrating atoms make robust qubits.

01-24-2022 | Now out in MIT News from MIT-CQE Doc Bedard Fellow, Chris McNally: “Twist: Sound Reasoning for Purity and Entanglement in Quantum Programs” by Charles Yuan, Chris McNally and MIT Prof. Michael Carbin. 

01-21-2022| MIT-CQE member, MIT Prof. Riccardo Comin and the Comin Photon Scattering Lab discover “secret sauce” behind exotic properties of a new quantum material

01-19-2022 | Now out in MIT News: “MIT researchers lay out a strategy for how universities can help the U.S. regain its place as a semiconductor superpower.”  Co-authors of the white paper include three MIT-CQE members: MIT-CQE Director, MIT Prof. Will Oliver; MIT Prof. Marc Baldo, the Dugald C. Jackson Professor of Electrical Engineering and Director of the MIT Research Laboratory of Electronics; and Mark Gouker, Assistant Head of the Advanced Technology Division at MIT Lincoln Laboratory.

01-17-2022 | Popular Science reporter, Rahul Rao writes that researchers from MIT and Harvard have whipped up quantum tornadoes, “the latest demonstration of quantum mechanics—the strange code of laws that governs the universe at its finest, subatomic scales.” 

01-14-2022 | MIT-CQE member, MIT Prof. Rajeev Ram, and others highlight the transformative, hands-on, undergraduate class experiences at MIT: “This led to a hands-on introduction to CAD design, photolithography, and 3D printing, followed by playing with different light sources and testing their devices on real-world applications by measuring the chlorophyll in a leaf and the emission of quantum dots.”

01-10-2022 | Check out the latest in and Phys. Rev. Lett. from MIT Prof. Jeffrey Shapiro and MIT’s Optical and Quantum Communications Group: “Ultimate Accuracy Limit of Quantum Pulse-Compression Ranging” by Quntao Zhuang and Jeffrey H. Shapiro.

01-10-2022 | Now out in MIT News and Nature Communications from MIT-CQE member, MIT Prof. Nuh Gedik and the Gedik Group in collaboration with JungHyun Kim and Je-Geun Park of Seoul National University: “Magnetically brightened dark electron-phonon bound states in a van der Waals antiferromagnet” by Emre Ergeçen, Batyr Ilyas, Dan Mao, Hoi Chun Po, Mehmet Burak Yilmaz, JungHyun Kim, Je-Geun Park, T. Senthil & Nuh Gedik. 

01-07-2022 | The Quantum Science and Engineering Research Conference, ‘QuARC 2022’ will be held virtually on February 7th, 2022. Hosted by MIT Center for Quantum Engineering (CQE) in partnership with MIT’s Interdisciplinary Quantum Information Science and Engineering (iQuise) student organization.

01-05-2022 | MIT-CQE member, MIT Prof. Martin Zwierlein and MIT’s Ultracold Quantum Gases Group, and MIT-Harvard Center for Ultracold Atoms watch as ultracold atoms form a crystal of quantum tornadoes.

01-01-2022 | Register now for ‘iQuHACK 2022’, a quantum computing hackathon hosted by iQuise on January 28-30th, 2022. 

12-23-2021 | Check out the ‘News & Views’ feature in Nature Materials, from MIT-CQE member, MIT Prof. Mingda Li & Clemson University Prof. Yao Wang: “One-way express ticket to quantum criticality.”

12-21-2021 | The Quantum Systems Accelerator interviews quantum science and engineering pioneer, MIT-CQE Director and QSA Technology Coordinator, MIT Prof. Will Oliver. 

12-16-2021 | MIT Prof. Paola Cappellaro and the MIT Quantum Engineering Group in collaboration with the University of Waterloo have shown that it would be possible to design a sensor, based on quantum physics, that could detect the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

12-14-2021 | Check out the latest in Harvard Business Review from MIT-CQE Director, MIT Prof. Will Oliver:  “Quantum Computing for Business Leaders” by Jonathan Ruane, Andrew McAfee and Will Oliver.

11-18-2021 | Named as a top ten finalist for the Physics World 2021 Breakthrough of the Year, MIT-CQE member, Prof. Wolfgang Ketterle and his colleagues were honored for their work in “independently observing Pauli blocking in ultracold gases of fermionic atoms.”

11-18-2021 | MIT-CQE member, Prof. Dirk Englund is named to the Class of 2022 Optica Fellows. Prof. Englund is recognized for “his pioneering contributions to quantum photonics and integrated photonics for applications in optical computing.”

11-18-2021 | MIT-CQE member, MIT Prof. Wolfgang Ketterle and the MIT-Harvard Center for Ultracold Atoms have observed the Pauli exclusion principle, or Pauli blocking, in a completely new way.

11-17-2021 | QuEra Computing, launched by physicists at Harvard and MIT, is trying a different quantum approach to tackle impossibly hard computational tasks.

11-16-21 | MIT-CQE member, Prof. Bilge Yidiz finds patterns in the behavior of ions across applications.

11-15-2021 | MIT-CQE member Liang Fu collaborates with other researchers find a new material which could be two superconductors in one.

11-01-2021 | MIT Prof. and CQE member Peter Shor is named to the 2022 class of Fellows of the American Mathematical Society for contributions to quantum computing, in particular quantum algorithms and quantum information theory.

10-28-21 | “MIT researchers develop a new way to control and measure energy levels in a diamond crystal; could improve qubits in quantum computers.” MIT News features MIT Prof. Paola Cappellaro and the Quantum Engineering Group’s recent work and paper, published recently in Physical Review Letters as the ‘editors suggestion.’

10-21-21 | MIT-CQE members Scott Hamilton, Don Boroson, and P. Ben Dixon from MIT Lincoln Laboratory named 2021 R&D World 100 award winners for their work: “Free-space Quantum Network Link Architecture.”

10-13-2021 | MIT-CQE members, Prof. Lindley Winslow and Prof. Bilge Yildiz named American Physical Society Fellows for 2021

09-28-2021 | The Max Planck-Humboldt Research Award 2021 goes to Pablo Jarillo-Herrero for his work on two-dimensional quantum materials. 

09-09-21 | Out in Physics@MIT Journal, MIT Researchers from the Vuletic Group have built an atomic clock that measures not a cloud of randomly oscillating atoms, as state-of-the-art designs measure now, but instead atoms that have been quantumly entangled.

08-27-21 | NIMS Award 2021 jointly awarded to Prof. Pablo Jarillo-Herrero for “Pioneering work of new quantum physics by twistronics.”

08-20-21 | Hear from MIT Lincoln Laboratory’s Dr. Mollie Schwartz, a Quantum Systems Accelerator Thrust Lead, and others about their research leading to the electronics roadmap for different qubit technologies. 

08-19-21 | A peculiar state of matter in layers of semiconductors: In a study that could benefit quantum computing, MIT researchers Prof. Mingda Li and the Quantum Measurement Group show a superlattice embedded with nanodots may be immune from dissipating energy to the environment.

08-10-21 | Yuan Cao receives the McMillan Award, the most prestigious award for young condensed matter physicists.

07-26-2021 | Congratulations to Aziza Almanakly, awarded the Clare Boothe Luce Graduate Fellowship for Women.

07-21-2021 | Check out the latest in MIT News and Nature from MIT Prof. Pablo Jarillo-Herrero and the Jarillo-Herrero Lab: Pauli-limit violation and re-entrant superconductivity in moiré graphene, by Yuan Cao, Jeong Min Park, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi & Pablo Jarillo-Herrero.

07-16-2021 | Congratulations to Pai Peng, awarded the prestigious MathWorks PhD Fellowship! He is a member of MIT Prof. Paola Cappellaro’s Quantum Engineering Group.

07-13-2021 | MIT Prof. Dirk Englund and MIT Quantum Photonics Group introduces an algorithm for universal transformations on the modes of a dielectric slab via out-of-plane phase modulation, plus a high-fidelity error correction scheme. Combined, these result in a low-loss, compact alternative to traditional MZI meshes. 

06-24-2021 | Prof. Riccardo Comin and Prof. Mingda Li receive 2021 US Department of Energy early career awards.

06-22-2021 | June 22nd 1:00-3:00 PM EDT: ILP and CQE Webinar: Quantum Computing Opportunities and Challenges.

06-182021 | Physicists bring human-scale object to near standstill, reaching a quantum state.

06-162021 | MIT researchers demonstrate a way to sharply reduce errors in two-qubit gates, a significant advance toward fully realizing quantum computation.

06-08-2021 | QS ranks MIT the world’s No. 1 university for 2021-22.

06-04-2021 | Check out the latest in Nano Lett. from MIT Prof. Paola Cappellaro and the Quantum Engineering Group: “Nanoscale Vector AC Magnetometry with a Single Nitrogen-Vacancy Center in Diamond” by Guoqing Wang, Yi-Xiang Liu, Yuan Zhu, and Paola Cappellaro.

05-192021 | MIT turns “magic” material into versatile electronic devices.

05-06-2021 | Celebrating the 40-year anniversary of the Physics of Computation Conference. Experience QC40 with Prof. Peter Shor’s keynote (49:35), and live panel with Prof. Isaac Chaung and Prof. Will Oliver (2:15:30).

04-29-2021 |MIT researchers develop compact on-chip device for detecting electric-field waveforms with attosecond time resolution.

04-14-2021 | Will Oliver awarded 2021 Faculty Research Innovation Fellowship (FRIF)

04-13-2021 | Aziza Almanakly awarded 2021 Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship

04-01-2021 | Owen Medeiros awarded NDSEG fellowship

04-01-2021 | Emma Batson and Owen Medeiros awarded NSF fellowship

02-11-2021 | Nanowire could provide a stable, easy-to-make superconducting transistor. Inspired by decades-old MIT research, the new technology could boost quantum computers and other superconducting electronics.

02-01-2021 | Physicists create tunable superconductivity in twisted graphene “nanosandwich.” Structure may reveal conditions needed for high-temperature superconductivity.

01-31-2021 | CQE Sponsors iQuHACK (interdisciplinary Quantum HACKathon)

01-19-2021 | Electrical engineer William Oliver develops technology to enable reliable quantum computing at scale

12-14-2020 | “Universal Nonadiabatic Control of Small-Gap Superconducting Qubits,” published in APS Physical Review

12-10-2020 | Quantum Engineering Explained: MIT News feature with Engineering Quantum Systems Group

10-30-2020 | The Center for Quantum Engineering (CQE) Kick-off Symposium

10-30-2020 | Doc Bedard Fellowship announced with Kyle Debry, Sujit Rao, and Jennifer Wang 2020-2023 fellows and Chris McNally 2019-2022 fellow

10-08-2020 | “Generating spatially entangled itinerant photons with waveguide quantum electrodynamics,” published in Science Advances

09-23-2020 | “Comparison of dielectric loss in titanium nitride and aluminum superconducting resonators” published in Applied Physics Letters

09-03-2020 | “Two-qubit spectroscopy of spatiotemporally correlated quantum noise in superconducting qubits” published in the inaugural issue of PRX Quantum

08-28-2020 | Professor Will Oliver selected to serve on the National Quantum Advisory Committee

08-26-2020 | MIT partners with national labs on two new quantum research centers

08-10-2020 | “Qubit by Qubit” introduces high school students to quantum computing through a week-long summer camp and a year-long course

08-03-2020 | Study finds quantum entanglement could, in principle, give a slight advantage in the game of blackjack

07-29-2020 | “Giant atoms” enable quantum processing and communication in one

07-23-2020 | MIT researchers develop integrated lightwave electronic circuits to detect the phase of ultrafast optical fields

07-08-2020 | MIT engineers develop a hybrid process that connects photonics with “artificial atoms,” to produce the largest quantum chip of its type

06-16-2020 | Remote learning: 6.070, Electronics Project Lab

05-15-2020 | Professor Paola Cappellaro, among leaders, honored as “Committed to Caring.”

05-08-2020 | Peter Shor, 2020 recipient of BBVA Frontiers of Knowledge Award

04-08-2020 | New “refrigerator” super-cools molecules to nanokelvin temperatures

03-02-2020 | Keysight partners with Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Center for Quantum Engineering to endow the establishment of a new 64-qubit quantum computing lab

02-18-2020 | A new study suggests a path to more efficient error correction, which may help make quantum computers and sensors more practical

02-11-2020 | Quantum Computing @ MIT: The Past, Present, and Future of the Second Revolution in Computing

01-13-2020 | Variational quantum unsampling on a quantum photonic processor

12-12-2019 | Newly synthesized compound of iron and tin atoms in 1-to-1 ratio, “ideal” kagome metal electronic structure

11-28-2019 | Circuit design offers a path to “spintronic” devices that use little electricity and generate practically no heat

11-23-2019 | Megan Yamoah, Billy Woltz, and Francisca Vasconcelos of the Engineering Quantum Systems Group awarded Rhodes Scholarships

05-29-2019 | Senthil Todadri and Xiao-Gang Wen to study highly entangled quantum matter in the Simons Collaboration on Ultra-Quantum Matter

04-26-2019 | Peter Shor wins 2018 Micius Quantum Prize

04-03-2019 | New facilities will keep Lincoln Laboratory at the forefront of advanced prototyping

03-15-2019 | Quantum sensing method measures minuscule magnetic fields

02-11-2019 | Professor Dirk Englund awarded 2019 Bose Research Fellow Grant for work on “novel electronic fluids for high-speed logic in quantum materials”

01-31-2019 | Technique could boost resolution of tissue imaging as much as tenfold

12-04-2018 | National Academies releases its report, “Quantum Computing: Progress and Prospects”

11-08-2018 | Improving materials from the nanoscale up

10-15-2018 | MIT will reshape itself to shape the future, investing $1 billion to address the rapid evolution of computing and AI

10-12-2018 | Center for Theoretical Physics professors earn DOE Quantum Information Science Awards

10-12-2018 | MIT-Germany and the University of Stuttgart extend cooperation

10-04-2018 | Symposium and open house make MIT.nano’s Grand Opening Celebration a memorable day 

09-25-2018 | PhD student David Layden in the Quantum Engineering Group advances ultra-sensitive quantum sensors

09-05-2018 | Scientists find a theoretical optical device may have uses in quantum computing

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