Center for Quantum Engineering

Bridging quantum science and engineering

Quantum Science

Quantum science with natural and artificial atoms

Quantum Computing

Superconducting qubits, trapped ions, neutral atoms, and more

Quantum Simulation

Emulating quantum behavior with engineered quantum systems

Quantum Networks

Metropolitan-scale quantum communication test bed

Quantum Sensing

Precision measurement with atoms, ions, defect centers, and more

Quantum Control

Controlling quantum systems with coherent electronics and optics

Engineering Quantum Systems

Integrated photonics and electronics

Quantum Workforce

Quantum-engineering education and professional development

Quantum Science and Engineering Consortium

Engaging industry, government, and academia

Quantum Materials and Fabrication

MIT.nano cleanroom and analysis facilities – opened October 4, 2018

MIT Center for Quantum Engineering (MIT-CQE)

The MIT-CQE is a platform for research, education, and engagement in support of quantum engineering
a new discipline bridging quantum science and engineering to accelerate the development of quantum technologies.

News and Events

06-21-2022 | Now out in MIT News, Physical Review X with special feature in ‘Physics’, from MIT-CQE member and MIT Prof. Paola Cappellaro, MIT Quantum Engineering Group, and MIT Lincoln Laboratory: “Sensing of Arbitrary-Frequency Fields Using a Quantum Mixer” by Guoqing Wang, Yi-Xiang Liu, Jennifer Schloss, Scott Alsid, Danielle Braje, and Paola Cappellaro. 

06-10-2022 | Now out in Physical Review Letters from MIT Prof. Karl Berggren and MIT’s Quantum Nanostructures and Nanofabrication Group, in collaboration with scientists from National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), U Zurich, Stanford U Institute of Theoretical Physics, U Washington, Perimeter Institute, NYU CCPP, and Center for Computational Astrophysics, Flatiron Institute: “New Constraints on Dark Photon Dark Matter with Superconducting Nanowire Detectors in an Optical Haloscope,” by Jeff Chiles, Ilya Charaev, Robert Lasenby, Masha Baryakhtar, Junwu Huang, Alexana Roshko, George Burton, Marco Colangelo, Ken Van Tilburg, Asimina Arvanitaki, Sae Woo Nam, and Karl K. Berggren.

06-08-2022 | Check out the latest in arXiv from MIT-CQE member & MIT Prof. Dirk Englund, MIT Quantum Photonics Laboratory, and in collaboration with co-authors: “Zero-Added-Loss Entangled Photon Multiplexing for Ground- and Space-Based Quantum Networks” by Kevin C. Chen, Prajit Dhara, Mikkel Heuck, Yuan Lee, Wenhan Dai, Saikat Guha, and Dirk Englund. 

05-25-2022 | Check out the latest in API Photonics from MIT-CQE Member, MIT Prof. Dirk Englund, MIT’s Quantum Photonics Laboratory, and scientists from MITRE & Sandia National Laboratories: “Piezo-optomechanical cantilever modulators for VLSI visible photonics” by Mark Dong, David Heim, Alex Witte, Genevieve Clark, Andrew Leenheer, Daniel Dominguez, Matthew Zimmermann, Y. Henry Wen, Gerald Gilbert, Dirk Englund, and Matt Eichenfield.

05-18-2022 | Now out in arXiv from MIT-CQE member, MIT Prof. Dirk Englund and MIT Quantum Photonics Laboratory: “Single-Shot Optical Neural Network” by Liane Bernstein, Alexander Sludds, Christopher Panuski, Sivan Trajtenberg-Mills, Ryan Hamerly, and Dirk Englund.