Center for Quantum Engineering

Bridging quantum science and engineering

Quantum Science

Quantum science with natural and artificial atoms

Quantum Computing

Superconducting qubits, trapped ions, neutral atoms, and more

Quantum Simulation

Emulating quantum behavior with engineered quantum systems

Quantum Networks

Metropolitan-scale quantum communication test bed

Quantum Sensing

Precision measurement with atoms, ions, defect centers, and more

Quantum Control

Controlling quantum systems with coherent electronics and optics

Engineering Quantum Systems

Integrated photonics and electronics

Quantum Workforce

Quantum-engineering education and professional development

Quantum Science and Engineering Consortium

Engaging industry, government, and academia

Quantum Materials and Fabrication

MIT.nano cleanroom and analysis facilities – opened October 4, 2018

MIT Center for Quantum Engineering (MIT-CQE)

The MIT-CQE is a platform for research, education, and engagement in support of quantum engineering
a new discipline bridging quantum science and engineering to accelerate the development of quantum technologies.

News and Events

12-20-22 |Professor William Oliver was appointed to the National Quantum Initiative Advisory Committee (NQIAC) On December 9, 2022. President Biden appointed Professor William D. Oliver to the National Quantum Initiative Advisory Committee (NQIAC), 1 of 15 members who will provide advice to the Biden-Harris Administration and help maintain US leadership in quantum information science (QIS).  President Biden enhanced NQIAC through an Executive Order, which elevated the committee to a presidential advisory committee, highlighting that the National Quantum Initiative is a whole-of-government effort that rises above any one Federal agency. The members of NQIAC include distinguished individuals from industry, universities, Federal laboratories, and other Federal Government agencies who are prominent in their fields, recognized for their achievements, and from diverse backgrounds. Congratulations Will!

12-19-22 | Now out in Physical Review Applied, from MIT-CQE members, Mollie E. Schwartz, Jonilyn L. Yoder, Joel I-Jan Wang, Will Oliver, and global co-authors: “Lindblad Tomography of Superconducting Quantum Processor” by Gabriel O. Samach, Ami Greene, Johannes Borregaard, Matthias Christandl, Joseph Barreto, David K. Kim, Christopher M. McNally, Alexander Melville, Bethany M. Niedzielski, Youngkyu Sung, Danna Rosenberg, Mollie E. Schwartz, Jonilyn L. Yoder, Terry P. Orlando, Joel I-Jan Wang, Simon Gustavsson, Morten Kjaergaard, and William D. Oliver

12-06-22 |Now out in Nature Communications from MIT-CQE member, Dirk Englund, an Associate Professor of EECS, in collaboration with MIT co-authors: “Asymptotically fault-tolerant programmable photonics” by Ryan Hamerly, Saumil Bandyopadhyay & Dirk Englund

11-28-22 | Now out in Journal of the American Chemical Society from MIT-CQE member, Prof. Danna Freedman and co-author Daniel Laorenza: “Could the Quantum Internet Be Comprised of Molecular Spins with Tunable Optical Interfaces?” by Daniel W. Laorenza and Danna Freedman

10-26-2022 | Now out in MIT News and Science Advances from MIT-CQE member, Prof. Farnaz Niroui and the Niroui Group: “Nanoparticle contact printing with interfacial engineering for deterministic integration into functional structures” by Weikun (Spencer) Zhu, Peter F. Satterthwaite, Patricia Jastrzebska-Perfect, Roberto Brenes, Farnaz Niroui.