CQE Student Feature – David UIIery 

Research group: Freedman Chemistry Lab 

Faculty name: Danna Freedman

Academic History Prior to coming to MIT: B.S. in Chemistry, Ohio State University

What brought you to MIT: The creativity of faculty and graduate students at MIT Chemistry is unmatched by any other institution. I was amazed during the Chemistry Visit Weekend in 2021 by the bold questions being asked and knew instantly that there was no better environment to spend my graduate studies.
What interests you the most about your research: In my undergraduate research, I fostered a passion for synthetic chemistry. Prior, I had always been drawn to physical science. In the Freedman Laboratory, I have the opportunity to couple these two interests, synthesizing organometallic molecular qubits.  Fascinated by the intersection of molecular inorganic synthesis and Quantum Information Science, I am most interested in designing new molecular archetypes for applications in quantum sensing. I am excited everyday to utilize the precision of synthetic chemistry to understand and optimize the unique properties of molecular qubits.